About me and this site

About me and this site

Analyzing Data is all about:

  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Building an Analytical mindset
  • My struggles with changing career
  • Being a woman in the IT field


I was born in the 70’s. Despite the time then, when personal computers didn’t fit all the pocket sizes, I was able to have a PC in the first era. I used hard disks and soft disks. I had to enter to my pc through the command line. And my father made me copy code lines in order to program from scratch the hangman game.

Time went gone and for unaccountable reasons, I became an economist. My love for maths but also for literature made me decide to study a hybrid career. I became a good professional in my field. But soon, I felt I wanted to evolve forward towards something else. I didn’t know where I was heading at the beginning but soon the Data Science field step in my way with neon lights and showed me that numbers and IT can happily get married. This blog is part of the result of a time of reflection and some tough decisions I had to take in order to get to my goals.

I am also a coach and I love to mentor others in achieving what they want from life.

This blog is intended for me to be accountable for my goals, but also for others, who step into it and have some interest in becoming a data scientist.

You can drop me a line if you want to contact me. I am just a clic away.