A 'stone' in my shoe

A 'stone' in my shoe

I am writing these lines at 5 a.m. My cat woke me up and I could not get back to sleep. For me, morning time is the best time to study and put ideas into place. So, I finally decided to wake up and start working.

Yesterday I had a fun day. Two main issues were pumping on my head while trying to get back to sleep again.

1.- I had to have a screening interview yesterday at midday. The guy never called me and he even screened again my LinkedIn profile past the time of the interview! I was not pissed off, but a little frustrated. It is not the first time (and surely, not the last time), that this has happened to me. But come one! he approached me and made me set an interview time with him. It was not that I applied for a job with him! That made me think that my profile it is not suitable and maybe I have to make it look even better. I was thinking of removing ALL of my previous experience or writing in a tiny paragraph and focus my resume on just projects I have done. My main point is, that I feel I still need to rely on my past experience in finance to dress me up as an analyst. I am not sure if it is that point that does not allow me to fly as a data scientist. I feel my past experience is working as an anchor to that purpose. Maybe I will need to think more about this thought.

2.- I am stuck in my deep learning studies. I want to fully understand everything and It seems, somehow, I reached a “stone” in my shoe. The stone it is not a problem for me, the main point it is that I can not find it. It might seem that I am stuck with something but I cannot find the piece I need to tweak in order to make the engine gear to fully work again.

So, after these two main concepts were pumping in my head and I was trying back to sleep, I took my phone and make meaningful searches on LinkedIn posts until I got inspired on next steps to do. As I still have plenty of days until my next project needs to be submitted I have decided I want to make a step backwards and focus more on my python skills to remove my unconfidence with that language, and then, focus on the deep learning concepts a bit later. Besides that, I am expecting some books I ordered about deep learning and I feel I can catch up in that area in a few days.

For my Python purposes, I decided to go on several Kaggle projects datasets. Last improvements on the platform allow you to work on private kernels and I think that makes it a better lab environment. I will keep you updated!”