Groundhog days

Groundhog days

Since I finished the course of data analyst I have not stopped studying. Every time I have done a job interview I have compiled information on topics and subjects that companies think I should know a little better in order to make my CV more attractive for the Data Science sector.

Being autonomous in ETL processes is a basic issue in the Data Science world. This topic is something that you do not develop while your learning journey if the study is self-made with online courses or data competition pages like Kaggle. At such sites, dataset matrices or other forms of raw data are facilitated, since the core of the lessons practised is Machine Learning tools or data preprocessing.

SQL is one of those languages that you should learn if you want to make a profession twist like me or you are starting your professional life. My previous knowledge on the subject was rather basic, therefore I have dedicated myself to studying it through a Udemy course and some books for beginners level.

Although I really liked the Udemy course I chose, the learning has been quite guided and I thought convenient to practice a little more with exercises a little more complex. With that goal in mind, I found some pages that I really like to prepare interview questions regarding SQL. The web pages are Leetcode and HackerRanker and both of them are full of all kinds of code interview questions to practise your knowledge.

I will tell you if I succeed or not in learning SQL like this. That’s easy to check!”