Sparkling my DS

Sparkling my DS

Hello again!

I am about to write a new article on the article section. But before that, I did want to update my log on my changing career quest towards Data Science. As I have told you before in several posts ahead, I have been having approaches from recruiters. After one week frozen on that front, this week jobs offers have been raising again. I feel that finding my suited job is, now, a matter of time.

On the other side of the story, I have started to understand better how Spark and Scala work and mixing this knowledge using R programming language and its package called sparklyR. I hope I can upload, soon, a new project using this package and Hadoop ecosystem on local with my computer.

I have to say that I am really enjoying that stage of my life. I know It has been many months just being a data science student on my own, but now that things are taking much more sense to me, I feel that I have reached an upper step on the ladder.

In parallel to learning Spark and sparklyR, I am taking some time to redo the contents on Deep Learning Nanodegree. I want to upload my portfolio with my deep learning projects, but I do want to tune a bit what I did in Udacity and be able to defend the projects as my own, and not something that I did filling the blanks.

I also plan to upload some articles for starting with deep learning. It is not easy to find introduction articles for no-Phd people. Most of the articles come from Academia people and I think they lack on lowering down the concepts. So, I hope I can use my previous struggles on explaining those concepts. About deep learning and artificial intelligence, I also want as well to point out, that because most articles focus on the use for robotics, self-driving cars and other IoT, many people understand deep learning has no other use in business. Nothing most far away from reality!

I will keep on!