Updated site

Updated site

August is a vacation month for most countries in Europe. But for people, like me, with no job, I feel odd to be talking about holidays. Despite that, I have had a week to relax from DS studies. I gave myself that time not only to give me a rest but also to think about next steps.

I did finish my Udacity nano degree on deep learning and I do not start my Artificial Intelligence studies until the end of the month. So, with almost one month ahead of me I did what I have been avoiding to since I started: redoing my project portfolio on Data Science.

I already had my blog in WordPress but I did have no success on publishing markdown content from my code in R or Python just pushing it to it. So, as a roundabout, I did upload my code to GitHub and linked in my menu as my portfolio.

Being honest, I did not like at all that solution. It made the purpose, but I wanted to make it with the most website look and most user-friendly. I finally found my way to change my web hosting to GitHub and build my website with Ruby and Jekyll theme. I did not know anything about these technologies until one week ago. But all the technical things I have been studying lately put me in the state to migrate and deploy the site in just some days.

I decided to split the content of this site in blog posts (like this one) and articles, as I do have the project on publishing content in both categories and I felt mixing it was not proper.

I still have some projects left to upload as I take the moment to update them a bit. In particular, I still have to update my deep learning projects made while studying at Udacity.

As well as updating the website I have been engaged in some Spark and Scala learning as well as reinforcing my recent knowledge on Deep Learning.

I tend to learn things from different sources as I feel that there is never one only way to present the technical knowledge or tools, as well as I think it is good to help much more to my lateral thinking in the process.

As an example, I did start using Atom as an editor for the blog and also for some of my code. Atom is a tool that I learnt in a Spark course but not later on, I saw the possibilities in another context such as building my website and controlling the content on GitHub.

I do hope that, as soon as I finish my website updating, I have much more time to write some new articles to the site.