Weekly Summary Week 1

Weekly Summary Week 1

As part of my new year’s resolutions, I want to share much more of what I am doing towards Data Science and Technology. The way I am going to do it is posting a weekly summary of what I am doing, reading and all that I have accomplished this week. This will serve me as self-accountability, and to you, I expect to bring up all the efforts and work I am putting to be a better Data Scientist. Maybe you can get some ideas from my experience.

1.- During this first week of the year (1st January - 7th January) I did finish 3 courses on DataCamp :

  • Machine Learning with Tree-Based Models in R,
  • Scalable Data Processing in R,
  • Manipulating time Series Data in Python

I am committed to finishing all DataCamp Courses and then reviewing it. I have a yearly subscription and it is not only about learning something, but it is as well as a way to keep fresh my R and Python.

2.- I did finish the book Deep Learning with R by. François Chollet, which review you can read here.

3.- Concerning the blog, I did make some make-up corrections on my old posts and started to write some drafts for future posts. I decided to make some changes in the image of the banners. I did spend on it, almost two full days.

4.- I did start learning about BlockChain and BitCoin as well. Although I have never been very fond of investing in cryptocurrencies I am thinking of trying with an amount of money I consider I can lose, to serve me as an incentive to learn much more and better. Wish me luck!

5.- I did some research in my city, on institutions to act as a mentor. I already have chosen one in which I can offer my services.

6.- I am reading a book of LinkedIn influencer Brigette Tasha Hyacinth titled The Future of Leadership: Rise of Automation, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. I have read 50% of it. It strengths the role of leaders and how leadership style and knowledge need to change | evolve in order to adapt to the changes that are coming. By far, I am enjoying the reading. It is not an open-my-eyes reading, but I think, it serves as a good glue to see the big picture.

7.- I did some free previews of Robotics and Digital Marketing Nanodegrees. Udacity did open some of their nanodegrees on this very first week of the year.

8.- I spent some hours on the Google Developer’s Challenge Slack channel helping others with the quizzes and interacting with my mates.

9.- I enrolled Udacity’s course on D3 and completed around three hours of learning.

I am very satisfied of this week. The total number of weekly effort is 34h.