Weekly Summary Week 3

Weekly Summary Week 3

This has been an unusual week for me. As usual lately, I did spend some of my time on DataCamp. But surprisingly, I only completed one course:

  • Spatial Statistics in R.

Most of the total time (48h) I have been scripting whether in R or Python. I used more than 16 hours in that tasks.

I have to say that I did not finish anything valuable to mention, as most of the time I was fighting with new things I am trying and computing the results. The novelty was that as I had some spare credits on AWS from my Deep Learning Foundation studies at Udacity, I decided to take profit of these hours and I did some cloud computing. The datasets I was working with were big enough to give some rest to my laptop.

In the past I have been using FloydHub for my Deep Learning computations, but I decided to give AWS a go installing RStudio Server as well as Python in a virtual machine on an Amazon machine, uploading the data through an FTP client and getting connected from Windows. That last task has been considered by some people a hero quest!

Another big pie portion has gone to research reading books and on the net (almost 30h). Most of the research is related to the scripting projects that I have in hands. Again, nothing that deserves to be mentioned as it is an early stage and I still didn’t decide if what I am doing will be a portfolio project to publish here.

As per data science, that’s all folks!