What's going on time

What's going on time

I have decided I want to share with you what is going in my life concerning data science activities. As you might guess this field is full of networking events, conferences and MOOCs to explore. Which ones I decide to attend to is due to random reasons: the day of the week, my mood, the content, the visitors, friends to attend with,…

Let’s jump to it.

This last Tuesday I attended The Data Beers conference in my city. If you don’t know, Data Beers is an event about Data that started in Madrid, Spain and was spread in many cities around the World. The event is about Data and Beers.

It is all about beers because you always have free beers to drink as one of the major sponsors is a well-known Spanish beer brand (Estrella Damm). The event is started with a 30 minutes round for networking with beers. Then, it comes from 30 up to 45 minutes for listening different speakers. After the conferences, there is also enough time to chat and drink about what just happened with data.

And it is about Data because we have between four and five guests speaking about data issues. The organisers don’t want any CEO explaining the goodness of his/her product and anyone from any level can talk about data. That allows diversity in the contents presented as well as a genuine expectation from the attendants to see what is next…

Data scientist

The presentations are made in the form of 20 seconds per slide, not more that 20 of them. That provides a continuous flow and prevents of presentations being too long and boring. In some cases (not the most) the speaker fails the flow trying to squeeze too many contents in this narrow time. Me, personally, appreciates a lot this prerequisite.

Some of the contents of this edition were

  • The new coming [General Data Regulation][4b1058c2] for EU countries which are full of new challenges for companies to adapt to it.
  • We are, as consumers, used to hear and talk about the goodness of the internet. But what about the pollution that the Internet is generating. Did you ever think that while watching Netflix content, you are contributing to deforestation? OMG. That is the idea that CO2GLE keynote was about.
  • Dark Data. As Data Scientist, we are called to analyse data, find patterns, trends and forecasting future data behaviours between others. But what about that online transaction that never were completed, therefore registered? when we look a hotel in Bali and the search machine does not provide it, don't you think it is much more important to understand what users are newly demanding and your company is not providing? Think about that. Dark Data is important!
  • Tagging Video images with Machine Learning deep learning techniques. How easy seems now for machines to understand images in its content and not isolated. It seems easy, but it is not!
  • Accountability with Data. A really interesting project coming from Mexico. In which journalist can track the ownership of companies in cascade to discover that approximately 80% of the civil project's contracts in the country are in the hands of the most powerful man in the world.

Additionally, the rest of the week I have been busy in my MOOC studies at Udacity and Udemy:

  • Python language programming,
  • A/B testing,
  • Intro to Statistics,
  • Linear Algebra Refreshing.

A lot to do, and much more to come afterwards. Days are only 24 hours. And besides some meeting with friends outdoors, I have been spending my labour week studying and applying to jobs positions. Up to now, I am still in a process recruiting selection, and for new applications, I am not having any luck. It might be because Easter time is approaching and the days before have always been low season in the job market.

Anyway, if you are in the same situation as me. Let me share something with you: take advantage of the free time to accumulate more knowledge and some day it will pay out.